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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Yunjincheng Mansion Pingyao (Yunjincheng Hotel Pingyao), Si trova nell'antica città di Pingyao, il patrimonio culturale mondiale. Si trova al centro dell'intersezione di North Street, West Street e East Street, ovvero 'China's Wall Street';20 metri a est è la banca più antica in Cina—— “Numero del biglietto 'Rishengchang'.
La residenza è trasformata dalla più ben conservata e completa vecchia casa della famiglia Qiao nella città antica. La sua storia di 300 anni e patrimonio culturale infinito continuano a scrivere l'anima dei mercanti Shanxi.Yu Qiiuyu scrisse felicemente 'Yun Jincheng' per marchi d'onore.
Questo è il tema hotel di Shanxi Merchants complesso, e anche l'hotel preferito per celebrità a casa e all'estero.La residenza ha uno stile di design unico, elegante e tranquillo, con copertura WiFi wireless.
Yujincheng Hotel, di proprietà della residenza, innova anche cento tipi di piatti privati da dozzine di famose famiglie di mercanti Shanxi;Le due sale lussuose ed eleganti del Sud e del Nord sono dotate di tè bar, caffè bar e studio, in modo da poter godere del tempo lento nella città antica.
Qui, si può essere un proprietario di casa, sperimentare il cambiamento di tempo e spazio, e godere del viaggio culturale.
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Hotel FAQs
  • Che orari di check-in e check-out sono previsti presso Yunjincheng Mansion Pingyao?

    Il check-in è dalle 14:00 e il check-out è alle 06:00-12:00 presso Yunjincheng Mansion Pingyao.

  • Yunjincheng Mansion Pingyao dispone di una piscina e palestra?

    No, l'hotel non dispone di piscina o palestra. Si prega di consultare la pagina dei dettagli per ulteriori servizi.

  • Yunjincheng Mansion Pingyao dispone di un ristorante in loco?

    Sì, puoi mangiare in hotel.

  • Yunjincheng Mansion Pingyao dispone di banda larga o Wifi?

    Sì, si prega di contattare la reception dell'hotel per i dettagli.

  • Yunjincheng Mansion Pingyao accetta il pagamento anticipato?

    Accetta, invia il tuo ordine prima di contattarci.

  • Yunjincheng Mansion Pingyao accetta carte di credito?

    No, l'hotel non accetta carte di credito.

  • Quanto costa la colazione dell'Yunjincheng Mansion Pingyao?

    La colazione è di CNY88 / persona.

  • Quanto costa soggiornare presso Yunjincheng Mansion Pingyao?

    I prezzi partono da CNY1170, a seconda del tipo di camera e della data.

Recensioni Ancora
  • neo928
    Very satisfied
  • lijunouyang
    It's the best hotel in the ancient city. When you come to stay for the second time, you can upgrade the deluxe room for free. You can eat in the hotel. It tastes authentic Pingyao. The price of dishes is slightly expensive. You can't drive into the ancient city. There is a free battery car to pick you up.
  • e00083590
    I went to the festival, and the price nearly doubled, but the service was really good. The staff were patient, considerate and timely. Maybe it was the simple folk custom of the ancient city. I had a good time. The meal was also eaten in the inn. Full marks for the service!
    Good, recommended
  • e01659599
    Good location, the donkey hot pot in the shop is very delicious
  • cjnrr
    The location of the hotel is very good. It's OK to stay, but there's a pit on the floor upstairs. I need to repair it. I feel like it's going to fall down
  • e00032477
    The hotel fully reflects the style of the ancient city of Pingyao. It is antique, especially the luxurious big earth Kang. It's really good
  • pretty731115
    It's on the commercial street. It's very convenient to play. Good standard five stars.
  • cdxue
    I took the old people and children to Pingyao last year. It's very good to stay in this hotel. This time I went to work in Qi county. Because it was not far away, I stayed here again because I was familiar with it. As always, it was good
  • candy_0503
    In the middle of the ancient city of Pingyao, it's only a 10 minute walk to the west gate. A little east is the street of Rishengchang and Ming and Qing Dynasties. The geographical location is very good. The service attitude was very good. When I saw the children with me, I took the initiative to give them children's slippers enthusiastically. Every night I put down the curtains and gave them some dates, which made me feel very comfortable. The quilts and pillows are very clean. There is no problem rolling on the big Kang of more than three meters. The bathroom is also decorated in luxury. The furniture is antique and distinctive. Eating in the restaurant at noon is much better than the so-called snacks outside. The early buffet is also good, especially wonton and roast sausage. My girl is still talking about it. In short, it is a very good check-in experience!
  • dwfen681
    Very good
  • roundface
    The hotel is absolutely super good. The dishes ordered are very cost-effective, much better than those time-honored brands. The breakfast is also very good, and the sanitary conditions are very good. Maybe it's because of the habit. Sleeping on the Kang is a little hard, which doesn't affect the hotel's praise at all. I'll go back to live next time I come!
  • ying1972
    Antique, the courtyard has a sense of artistic conception and age, and the service attitude is also good
  • lomalulu
    Pingyao is the best hotel in the world. In the style of the northwest mansion, the doorman dressed up for the Republic of China, as if he were separated from the world.
  • e02567361
    Very distinctive
  • jiao1021
  • carmenbaby
    The best hotel in Pingyao ancient city
  • babe333
    Especially good. The tall buildings in the ancient city are different from other homes in connecting battery cars. They also helped us upgrade for free. The service attitude was good, the breakfast was also good, and the room was very clean. We lived in the innermost and very clean yard opposite. When we had dinner at another house, we chatted with the waiter. We know that this house is said to be one of the best in the ancient city. It has a high cost performance. We'd better stay for two or three days and enjoy it. We'll choose this one next time
  • dongerxiaoyi
    Very good! Come again next time
  • Jerry.An
    The hotel is very warm and clean, the service is very considerate, the breakfast is very good! It will come again
  • cxtingting204
    Yes, the local level is good.
  • nicoluan
    The location is very good, the price is too expensive
  • artose
    Located in the center of the ancient city, you can take a bus 50 meters away, with convenient transportation and shopping snacks.
  • cosinfu
  • e04667857
    Yunjincheng folk custom hotel in Pingyao ancient city is located in the West Street of Pingyao ancient city, with antique courtyard, thick historical accumulation and integrated Jinzhong folk custom. It is really unforgettable to linger. Choosing Yunjin to come true is the finishing touch for holiday travel, unforgettable Pingyao and yunjincheng!
  • bobovsroro
    Lack of congenital conditions and hardware configuration
  • cuiyucy
    The hotel is very good. Every time a customer goes to Pingyao, this hotel is the first choice. I am very satisfied.
  • nexusone_liuyi
    very nice
  • smallLessie
    Located in the West Street, shopping is very convenient and the room is hygienic. Stop outside the city.
  • e00927768
    The hotel seats are very good, just at the foot of the street. The hotel will arrange a parking lot, and then send a battery car to pick us up. The hotel is an old house. I heard it sells cloth. The hotel is very characteristic and has the feeling of crossing. The food in the hotel is very good and the price is not expensive. Sometimes the front desk staff are not very friendly, but the service attitude of other hotel staff is very good. A hotel worth staying in!
  • albur
    In the scenic spot, it is called folk five stars.
  • boss1630
    Good service attitude and good environment
  • e04005151
    The room is OK and the sanitation is good, but there is no free mineral water, which is not even as good as the economy hotel. The service is also passable. It is said to be the best hotel in the ancient city of Pingyao, and the hotels in the scenic area can only be like this.
  • alenyoung
    Antique, very historical. The hotel service was also very good. I brought three children's papers and took the initiative to change the big Kang. I will choose next time!
  • limye
    The elderly lived a few days ago. It's not bad. Breakfast has its own characteristics.
  • lyntonenever
    Features! The room is small
  • myxiaoyuer
    The hotel design is amazing. I love it. It's just that breakfast sucks.
  • jeff0005
    Not bad. In the ancient city, there are big Kang, which is very comfortable
  • Iranna
    Every aspect of the service was average, the location was pretty good.
  • angiguan
    The location of the hotel is very good, the facilities and sanitation also reach the five-star standard, and the details can show the intention. When checking in during the Spring Festival, the waiter has turned on the heating in advance, so it's very warm to enter the room. After seeing all kinds of compound in Shanxi, I feel different when I move into this kind of compound again. The Kang is very big. It's too spacious for two people. Ha ha. The shortage is that the catering is a bit monotonous. The special diet in Shanxi is not enough. There are many kinds of dishes on the menu, such as pizza. But who will take western food. The service provided by the restaurant staff can't keep up, and some of them are very stiff
  • bluefirepang
  • dongcl
    The location of the hotel is very central. The intersection of West Street and North Street is also very close to rishengcang and Shilou. The hotel is a residential quadrangle scenic spot. It's a good feeling to live in such a place as the ancient city. The hotel has catering, which is very convenient and tastes good. The waiters are also good. It can be seen that there is management. The luxury room is still large, and the Kang can roll, However, the heating of old houses is still a problem in winter. Although the heating is hot, it is difficult to fully cover the heating area. Air conditioning heating is very dry in the north, and the effect is limited. Moreover, the rule that no matter how many days you live, you can only get back and forth to the parking lot for free is puzzling, which does not reflect the encouragement to the guests who live for more than a few days. But overall, it's a good folk inn. When checking out, it seems that the landlady also scanned the wechat of the inn, and it can be seen that she still hopes to work hard.
  • appollo0312
    not bad Considerate service!
  • Jennifer_fu
    The hotel is located in the middle of the ancient city. You can walk to all the scenic spots in the ancient city. It's quiet and noisy. The courtyard is beautiful, but the facilities are relatively old. The big pit is characteristic, but you can't get used to sleeping.
  • e03487646
    The second time I stayed in the hotel, just like the feeling of passing through in the past, it was like an afterlife. But it's strange that there is no free water in the room.
  • Coverarea
    that's OK
  • jeffeywu
    Yes, it is suggested that the driver park the car at the west gate and let the hotel send a car to pick it up
  • g814301
    The service of the hotel is quite friendly. It's also located in the center of the pedestrian street in Pingyao old city. It's very convenient to go to various scenic spots. However, there is a bar next to it. It's still very noisy at 11 o'clock in the night. Although it has lived far away, there is still a sense of vibration from the subwoofer.
  • c17012119
  • eric5007
    The location is good, the service is good, and the guest room facilities are also good. I didn't eat at 8:30 when breakfast time was 9:00. People will call to remind me??, I will choose to stay in Pingyao next time
  • leegn
    The hotel is very special. Although the room is on the first floor, it's very quiet. The environment is good. My daughter likes the super large Kang bed very much. Pingyao's special dishes are also very good. The disadvantage is that the price is a little high, and the luxury room upstairs is very small, which is not worth the price at all. After negotiation with the front desk, we can change it downstairs.
  • ouliye
    It's a nice hotel. It's very stylish.. I'll stay next time.. Opposite is the bar.. ha-ha..
    Good inn, but the first floor is very wet.
  • gruff
    One of the earliest hotels in the ancient city has first-class facilities. It's on the East Street. The waiters are very friendly. There are hotel shuttle buses in and out of the ancient city. I'm very satisfied!
  • myrover
    Clean and warm, fully integrated with the style of the ancient city, very satisfied
  • ning1981
    Tall, one word, good, two words, very good, three words, very good......
  • OldPeters
    The room is clean, warm and cost-effective.
  • ldf184304
  • mosaic100
    The location is very good. In the ancient city of Pingyao, I come back directly after playing tired. The bed is more comfortable than I thought
  • allen0577
    very good
  • alibababp
    Feel the taste of Kang, it's still very good!
  • dream001
    The best service in so many hotels, every waiter is very dedicated, take the initiative to say hello, smile, especially the aunt 2018 of the housekeeping department, for the elderly to send foot basin, afraid of sultry, to send sheets, to send a variety of pillows, too warm, too intimate, the only small shortcoming is that the room is too dark, ha ha, overall very satisfied.
  • a13706640087a
    The house is a little dark
  • e00834458
    It's clean, hygienic and the service is up to standard. It's close to all the scenic spots in the scenic spot. It's very good.
  • DaveGuardala
    After staying for two consecutive days, the environment and atmosphere were very good. The Kang was very big and soft. The guide said it was the best hotel in Pingyao. Of course, the price was suitable. I took a picture in the hotel for a while
  • e00230378
    It belongs to a relatively high-grade Inn in Pingyao City, especially in the service and bathroom. Here is a luxurious master battery car that can pick up and send guests. It's very windy to sit on!
  • beijingtiger
    Service is good, breakfast suck.
  • aaa66964098
    In the West Street of the ancient city, it's very convenient to go shopping in the ancient city. The first day I went to the hotel, I didn't have the room type I ordered. I'll have a night in pianyuan. The next day, the hotel will be upgraded to a luxury suite for free. I really feel good. The hotel also provides free pick-up and drop off service at the railway station, which is very considerate.
  • swipsam
  • ocean801019
    Nice hotel
  • david_79
    In the ancient city, the geographical location is good and the environment is also good. It's just that eating is a little expensive.