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Triple realm of the development of large scenic spot

Date: 2019-12-17

Borrow the philosophical concepts to describe and analyze the process of the development of our country some big scenic spots, often to undergo self, he, no I triple realm, of course, is three stages from the time order.In the backdrop of the global tourism development, this description analysis is well worth doing.

First, the scenic spot triple realm of description

Tourism scenic area development the first heavy realm or the first phase is the "self".Its emergence and existence, is the basis of the given priority to with sightseeing tourism development stage of the scenic spots is the main source of tourist attraction, tends to form "for the king", the condition of large area of dominating the world.In tourism development and construction practice, is characterized by "landscape", scenic area development and construction and operation management, is the main task of the area development tourism, hotels, restaurants, shops, road traffic construction is on the basis of form a complete set for it.The scenic spot are self-centered, and even to usurp the role of leader, "" the world even" Lao tze days the first "ideas and practices, not only does other travel management services unit, and even by the competent department of the local district government tourism tend to be on eyes (there is another important reason is that the scenic area management institution of the administrative level is higher than the tourism authority).Within the scenic area form is enclosed, gate scenic spot, outside wall, do not, is the main source of income.This is a typical tourism phase, the current state of the dwindling number of the scenic spot.

Second, into the necessity of "without me" status

Or from the philosophical point of view, things are happening and exists in a certain time and space and conditions, hence "where there is reasonable", the scenic state under specific historical conditions and form, also can't do a comparative analysis for the length of advantages and disadvantages.But from the perspective of the fundamental purpose and the implementation of tourism, "without me" is indeed the highest realm.

Tourism is essentially a experiential consumption, autonomy is essential requirements.Ideal state of tourism activities, it should be the limits of as little as possible, the tourists want to do things can do, fully display "my travel I decide" - the natural law and law, moral constraints, except, of course.This is the essential attribute of the tour, including experience, high sensitivity, and cultural content, mental factors, etc.The author thinks that, in a specific phase and certain conditions, the tourists sacrifice autonomy is necessity and inevitable, including travel time, space, ways and means of restrictions, it is not only the sustainable utilization of resources, landscape and ecological environment protection and tourists, the associated benefits realization security needs, is also limited by certain technical conditions.For example, one of the most common natural sightseeing tourism, the time is usually in the daytime, and even tourism in ice fog had to limit, this is the natural law, is also the objective need to protect the safety of tourists;Area, line, viewing places more common space limit, on the way a request by a tour guide for headed by visitors are not allowed to travel to, and cultural relics, culture, folk custom tourism is often required to protect, respect, ornamental objects, such as many don't let take pictures, video, or videotaping shall not use the flash light, no touching, climbing, and so on.

In general, the more evident in global tourism experience at the same time, also create better conditions for safeguard and realize autonomy, and the traditional closed management and collect tickets of the scenic spot of the autonomy of travel restrictions, more direct impact on people's experience, open scenic spot for tourism autonomy fewer restrictions, can let a person have good experience.

Thirdly,The feasibility of into the "I" state

Long-term sustainable to fully meet the needs of the tourism consumption, must be based on tourism management server and related parties to profit, development basis, such as the purpose of to be used in a new way to replace the conventional way, it must have higher efficiency in return.From the actual effect of pioneers such as hangzhou west lake, a large scenic spots from "me" "I" into "without me" state, interests guarantee, interest is very powerful.

In the "self" and "he" I stage, the scenic spot of income mainly comes from tickets, including attractions tickets in scenic spots and related fees for tourism and service.Into the "I" stage, the abolition of all tickets, the scenic spot is only profitable purpose by tourist spending.In the first two stages, due to the scenic area is a closed, its main function is to visit, sightseeing, amusement, required in the process of a lot of tourism consumption demand are restrictions provided outside the scenic spot.Due to the scenic spot for tourism layout construction services of land and other resources are relatively limited space, the management service has the monopoly scenic spot, costs and prices are often higher than outside the scenic spot.Combined with management, business services and even the tourists think, go out to travel is not afraid to spend money, so tourism service charge is higher than residents service price standard is inevitable, enclosed goods and services of scenic spot prices generally higher than other places, there are still many airports and their infrastructure supporting services under the policy of similar services greatly higher than that of urban residents, such as Beijing airport line between the capital airport is about ten times the city subway rail transit fare.Is the result of tourists as far as possible not in scenic area consumption, through their own outside consumption to satisfy or scenic spot, and this, in turn, restricted the scenic tourist service forms of existence and development.The end result, on the one hand, is a scenic area have to tickets as the main or even the only source of income, and so repeatedly sought to ticket prices - tickets economic formation, on the other hand is a tourist consumption and is restricted by time, place, or even seriously affect directly the travel quality and the actual feeling, eat cannot timely and fully meet the basic physiological needs, such as hunger, thirst when tourism experience must be good.After entering "without me" state, the scenic spot admission, entrance guard and WeiDang, basically eliminated the scenic spot inside and outside the physical boundaries, first of all, let visitors did not enter the consciousness of the scenic area, thus its include consumer behavior, psychological boundaries fade or even eliminate the shopping behavior;Secondly, through the reasonable planning of scenic spots, positive construction development tourism consumption and service forms and the formation of free access to and fully competition, the construction, operation, service cost gradually narrowing and flattening and scenic area outside the gap, the price also will return to the area, finally further stimulate consumption growth in the scenic area;Finally, the development of the tourism scenic spot service forms, rich, inevitable increase in scenic area owner of income, employment and the region at the same time, greatly improve and enhance the experience and satisfaction of tourists, formed a happy situation.Hangzhou west lake to cancel tickets and entrance guard fence, implementing comprehensive open, after several times higher income, consumption behavior of tourists and the actual feeling changes greatly, truth is this.