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To admire the beautiful snow live way guest hotel in China, this winter is not too cold

Date: 2019-12-18

Snow has already quietly falling in the north, and building heating, sweater and coat and neatly dressed up...Unconsciously, has been into the depths.For children in the south, winter is a full of expectation, glittering and translucent mo snow, heavy snow, the sharp ice, ice water, these let a person look forward to.It is better to take one long train, from the south of evergreen landscape, gradually to the ice and snow.

But in the cold place, road passenger China hotel in early, middle and late you arrive, waiting for you all are ready.

But in the cold place, road passenger China hotel in early, middle and late you arrive, waiting for you all are ready.

Accommodation recommended

East China area

【wenzhou 】China hotel wenzhou pingyang road guest hundred yue square shop

Hotel is located in wenzhou pingyang county of kunyang town centre sill hundred yue hing good road square, the transportation is convenient, the hotel has Bai Yue live within two hundred meters square bus station, quality bus station.Hotels around the mall buildings with the sight shopping center, shopping center near at hand.

In north China

【Shijiazhaung】Road passenger China hotel shijiazhuang north street in shenyang international stores

Hotel geographical position is superior, convenient transportation.Hotel is near to come, faith building department store the tall secretory waring cloth art life square, a. o. Smith, such as shopping malls, catering and leisure facilities.

【Beijing】 Chinese garden expo garden hotel Beijing store

Road shop of Beijing, China garden show park, located in Beijing fengtai district long du home candy store town south road, north tower.Hotel location, convenient transportation, distance du home south road bus station only 197 meters, is very convenient for business travel of passengers.

The hotel food shopping, leisure and recreational facilities.Jinrui early days shopping center, the new mall, surrounded by constant YiTong treasure shopping center, only 10 minutes walk can be arrived at the shopping center.

Numerous city tourist attractions, both cultural and academic atmosphere of Peking University, tsinghua university and other prestigious ancient, and badaling Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Summer Palace and so on historical and cultural relics.

The northwest region

【Lanzhou】Guest China hotel lanzhou qilihe shop

Road passenger China hotel lanzhou qilihe shop, adjacent to the children shopping mall and hotel around xinyuan firm, DIOR, fuxi mall in zhichi, visitors here catering, shopping and leisure one-stop enjoyment.