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Health tourism as the hospitality industry one of the fastest growing segments

Date: 2018-04-13

The pursuit of health has become a global movement, especially in China.With improvements in health and health consciousness, Chinese tourists travel experience is gradually shift from the material consumption for happiness boost type.

Takes the concept of physical and mental health in the first place is fast becoming the consumer identity, the tourism industry and development with the change of customer demand and refining.In the case of global economic growth is slowing, health tourism development is rapid, still during the period of 2013 to 2015, with 10.6% revenue growth, become the hotel industry is currently one of the fastest growing industry segment.According to the world's leading integrated design company WATG, according to data from a trend of positive health tourism development.

McKinsey survey, although wealthy consumers (income over 300000 yuan, or about $46000) is still the luxury market is the main purchasing power, China's 13 million upper middle class families (income between 100000 and 200000 yuan) has gradually become the main force of promoting consumption growth.At the same time, a growing number of Chinese luxury consumers to look to SPA and other health services.From the point of growth, high-grade service consumption has exceeded the luxury: 20% of consumers to spend money on experiential service, only 13% of consumers tend to tangible products.

As the "experience economy" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, health tourism consumers are actively seeking innovative and interesting way, during the holiday to improve your health.WATG, thinks that in 2018 the keeping in good health health tourism market will focus on disease prevention, mental health level and comprehensive sensory experience and personalized dietary assessment, etc.

In the WATG white paper "healthy holiday menu: not just SPA,", the author on the above development trend and health tourism growth areas analyzed one by one, particularly a detailed analysis of the hotel industry is discussed.Report also discusses how health tourism from a mainly provide niche industry expanded to a SPA services and the integration of the sustainable development of global industry, and attract more adept at the introduction of external resource developers and architects.