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To 'full service mode' Marriott introduced the new tourist experience platform

Date: 2018-04-23

Marriott announced this week, this year in August will integrate its three loyalty programs: Marriott Rewards (Marriott Rewards), the ritz-carlton Rewards (Ritz - Carlton Rewards) and SPG club (Starwood Preferred Guest).

Marriott also launched at the same time, the new platform, the Moments of tourism experience compared to the original Marriott Rewards Moments (Marriott Rewards Moments), the new Moments platform provides 110000 from 1000 destinations around the world experience, covers, rent a car drive, beach holiday destination tourist activity, destination mini-vacations, music, entertainment, sports and other fields.

Marriott loyalty members can purchase experience through the new platform in Moments to earn and redeem.

Marriott loyalty, senior vice President David Flueck said that relaunched Moments platform aimed at extending the company by the hotel brand to become a lifestyle brand, like someone whose Experiences platform.

Skift analyst Deanna believes that all tourism brand is more and more in the direction of the whole service, marriott want to win in the competitive market, must also be so.

Scale effect vs sole mode

Marriott had only Moments platform based on the marriott rewards do the overhaul, thanks to its acquisition last spring for local metasearch site experience Place Pass.

But the present Moments platform provides experience of 110000, only 8000 are designed exclusively for the marriott and tailored.

Marriott's exclusive experience resources including VIP channel, concert in front of the seat, known as the "only once in a lifetime" French chef Daniel town, private kitchen guidance and American surfers Laird Hamilton surf course such as experience, and only a small part of these activities can be provided at a certain time, in the form of auction, for these activities need to be between 7500 and 352500 points, and I can't use money to buy.

From a business perspective, marriott hope these experiences can make you do have a clear purpose of travel planning, and local experience, "" such as hiking to cater to those who plan on holiday or has arrived in destination of travelers.

Marriott experience platform is take the mass line, rather than relying on exclusive resources.Bjorn Hanson, a professor at New York university believes that this differentiation pattern let marriott have positioned on the competitive advantage.By contrast, an experience platform, is very exclusive resources supply.

Marriott and car rental company Hertz and eBay's online ticket website StubHub cooperation, from the car rental area expanded to private dinner and opera tickets sales.No matter whether the guest use marriott co-branded credit card, they can earn points in every purchase.

Hanson, however, believe that marriott is hard to change consumer behavior: "marriott measures for consumers driving force is not strong, the influence of the booking for the consumer decision-making is not very great."

Limited personalized

SPG club plan has always been good at using consumer data to provide personalized service, this kind of practice and AI technology, will be helpful to the marriott Moments platform development.If carefully deployed, marriott through the algorithm may know the position of the travelers next trip, and they want to do something.

For now, individuation is quite limited, which means 110000 Moments platforms experience product classification is still a challenge.Marriott have begun to classify the activities of each destination, such as home entertainment, travel, food and nightlife husband and wife.But seek private experience of all luxury travelers want to find favour experience activity, may need to find work classification.

Concierge the end of an era?

Moments platform is the biggest impact is likely to change in a very short time travelers to concierge services and travel agent.

Currently, marriott is encouraging its staff to guests give priority Moments of service platform, but the marriott has not yet acquired experience metasearch site to its Place, Pass on the quality of the products for inspection or control.Fleuck says, marriott will consult customer reviews to determine the Place, Pass the trade-offs of resources.

Some analysts believe that seems to be stuck in a luxury hotel field identity crisis, many in the traditional sense of the original luxury elements have no longer important, including the concierge.A 27-year-old young people don't seem to be in order to know where the restaurant is better, and go to the hotel counter asked a concierge staff may be wearing a tuxedo.Now the concierge services more like a guide book, rather than provide recommendations for the guest.

Flueck argues that this is not the end of the concierge service, and more like an opportunity to redefine the role.

Marriott hope will own concierge professional and local experience to the new platform Moments, the strategy to the marriott global 6500 hotels also need time.

Travel agency also needs to prove his value added, otherwise you may miss out on these customers, especially for the entire trip by marriott reservation, also get a higher value and integral travelers (Fleuck did not say they can like hotel direct order to provide the lowest price of experience activities).

Skift analysts believe that marriott introduced new Moments platform would like to change consumer habits, also need a process of education.