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The Pingyao Yunjincheng Hotel (Pingyao Yunjincheng Minsu Binguan) is located on West Avenue, adjacent to Ri Sheng Chang Draft Bank, Ancient City Wall and Mingqing Street attractions.

Rooms of this Pingyao hotel are equipped with 24-hour hot water, air conditioners, TVs, phones and broadband Internet access. Dining outlets include a Chinese restaurant and Western restaurant. The lobby bar features local cuisine.[View Detail]
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  • cjnrr
    Hotel location is very good. okay, but the upper floors there is a hole, fix. feeling down.
  • buyglee
    Very good hotel, with first-class facilities, service is good, breakfast is very rich
  • greenappletiger
    Boss warm, thoughtful service
  • e00688611
    A very good environment, hotel management is very good, only guests of the hotel can enter, it is very quiet, the biggest problem is that the room is too small, but there is nothing here requires more ... nice
  • lr228
    Good location quiet.
  • FIAMM2006
    Heard friends say that was good, very unique, but the price is a little expensive
  • onlybt521
    Environment is good, on in city inside, put car stopped to city outside of North parking, then hotel will has battery sent to hotel. Special to praise about hotel of waiter aunt, service six Star! see we with has children returned to we sent to has mung bean soup, free help we wash clothes. Although forget has aunt of workers,, but OK has with she of photo, special to thanks about.
  • Amylin0327
    Antique place
  • coldest
    This is a trustworthy hotel, room very comfortable and hotel very health, taste is also very good.
  • bob0216
    Sleep on the bed for the first time, and quite interesting. what environmental services are very good, breakfast was a bit simple, only bread to entry ... ...
  • Soleilven
    11 the day before, and not many people, let us pick the hotel room loves three-metre beds, sleep good feel, three people sleep a little heavy. but in the hotel told us that only one more person to receive more than 200 more beds. hope ahead in online marking
  • bo6153
    Good, very good, very good
  • Datoupangyu
    Very good hotel, big yard in Shanxi, the environment elegant.
  • e01116177
    Good location, and travel facilities. rooms are spacious, bed was large. breakfast was great, and worthy of five-star.
  • irisliao
    Good location, the rooms are comfortable, quiet, kind of like
  • babe333
    Special good, city in of tall Shang, even shuttle battery are and other different. also help we do has free upgrade, service attitude good, breakfast also good room is clean, we live of is opposite most inside, very clean of small yard, in other eat dinner of when, and waiter chat, know we live this are said is whole city one of, price is high, best can live a two or three days, good enjoy about, next to also will select this
  • g814301
    Hotel service is excellent, the location is in the center of the pedestrian streets of the old city of Pingyao, also very convenient to attractions, but there's a bar next to, 11 o'clock at night very noisy, although living far and still have a sense of shock from the subwoofer.
  • a278466952
    Hotel is very unique, superb, the only downside is the breakfast was too simple, it should be after the long holiday guests little reason
  • nicoluan
    Good location, price is expensive
  • liyiaibaobao
    Good, Deluxe set, requiring large room, overall good room without a computer such as a refrigerator and Wi-Fi signals well, no mirrors, bathroom window light of this room is not suitable for makeup ... everything else was good. Parking shuttle service. overall is good
  • JesseLi
    So-so, I'm sorry the price
  • baobaoce
    Hotel location is very good, service. Deficiencies is that breakfast pastry is detailed enough, too simple. Bathroom lighting was very dark, uncomfortable
  • mosaic100
    Good location, in the ancient city of Pingyao, tired of playing back directly, the bed comfortable than I expected
  • nexusone_liuyi
    Very good
  • e02567361
    Very unique
  • ainosan
    Room decor very much, is the House is too tide, feels wet!
  • dongerxiaoyi
    Very good! come again
  • alanwsm
    Good, satisfactory.
  • miao516928
    The best hotels in Pingyao, no one
  • e01695610
    Facilities and antique, safe and quiet, good dining environment, species richness.
  • babymummy
    Hotel location on the pedestrian street, Simon, very local facilities, especially for large Kang, luxurious room are recommended and Kang different. the internal environment is very good, breakfast could be improved
  • juicy84
  • solararon
    Good location, very unique. recommend-
  • awardliu
    In old building, so rooms are small and not as modern as the newer hotels. I think the high price makes it not worth it unless u insist on staying inside the old town. There are many moderns hotels outside the wall of old town with much reasonable price. But the staff was nice enough to let me use their computer to download a file I needed badly.
  • cai114947533
  • liu_tsing
    Stay two nights, nice
  • nama4te
    General feeling was value for money, pleasant accommodations, quaint, clean, service, is particularly pleased, the waiter knew we were a family of three and immediately gave us a free upgrade room, hearty thanks. this hotel is Pingyao, one of only two five-star hotels in the city, and I think that is one of the best, highly recommended.
  • boge520007
    Bad room pattern
  • newgod
    Hotels have strong feelings, I really like
  • feverlau
    Big beds, sleeping three, good
  • fandelun
    Come Brocade into is you of loss, hotel have front desk and enthusiasm received we of small brother, child make belly help we Roast garlic, kitchen of small brother, thanks you, out out has they of care, everyone will live of is comfortable, only of bad is, night often has stay of guest noisy, itself also no correctional, regardless of regardless of Dang they home as, will to you wake, I neurasthenia, is pain, I husband since driving tour open has 600 km, rest of is bad, soGood hotel good! people are in a dilemma, we are driving, rest well is dangerous, was going to recommend it to the company as the welfare rewards employees, one to the noisy during the night, you know what, forget it, how bad my rest!
  • e00033230
    First days to of when live in towards de GE cold have I second days morning on moved to cloud Jincheng, came of when also in Pack room, waiter sister very thoughtful of to I took to has hot bags and ginger...... ' physiological period ', very of warm heart, very of intimate, body reasons zhihou I set of meal are can sent to room to eat, each one waiter of attitude are very good, kind, warm heart, last night in road buy has spinach, also please Hotel help I burn has a bowl soup, live has four a night, body, Heart, are very comfortable, hot hot hot, warm room da, going to stay next time, Pingyao people Thanksgiving, gratitude, recommend you to
  • jianling1006
    As if crossing to Ming and Qing dynasties
  • g5158882724
    Overall satisfied, out visiting the city is convenient to attractions are nearby; hotel antique decoration was amazing, the food is great. it is regrettable that the room was placed next to the boiler room in the morning was awakened by the sound of the boiler, impact mood. remind want Kang's friend must be careful, best book on this issue.
  • mistura
    Helping sister's family book. Super satisfied. come, send, and truly solve their practical problems ... praise!
  • amy2010000
    Hotels are quite special, roughly Kang as home as a child, and can play a lot of roll. night is beautiful
  • ldf184304
    So so
  • bernie_416
    As ever been
  • roundface
    Inn is absolutely superb, ordering the food very good, much better than those old what price, breakfast was good, good hygiene, may be used to cause sleep bed a bit hard, does not affect the Inn's praise, the next time you come back!
  • goldbeans
    Hotels in Nice