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The Pingyao Yunjincheng Hotel (Pingyao Yunjincheng Minsu Binguan) is located on West Avenue, adjacent to Ri Sheng Chang Draft Bank, Ancient City Wall and Mingqing Street attractions.

Rooms of this Pingyao hotel are equipped with 24-hour hot water, air conditioners, TVs, phones and broadband Internet access. Dining outlets include a Chinese restaurant and Western restaurant. The lobby bar features local cuisine.[View Detail]
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  • lsm922003
    Hotel location is very good, service didn't pick, since it is off season, day and night are all very quiet, very good, very suitable for traveling alone. that lack of West point, is where the breakfast was fine enough.
  • professeur
    Location within the city core area, access is very convenient. hotel facilities, clean, detail-oriented, such as turndown service, hotel services such as free shuttle between the station. hotel restaurant is exquisitely and affordable. the overall evaluation of the five-star, will choose next time! [Happy]
  • a278466952
    Hotel is very unique, superb, the only downside is the breakfast was too simple, it should be after the long holiday guests little reason
  • allen0577
    That's good
  • EuniceCat
    Overall very good, quick to call in which one parking lot, service very good, specialized luxury car. and where is very convenient location in the Center. the hotel antique rooms charm. service is nothing to say, free room upgrade, evening turndown service, point reminded the breakfast, it's really good!
  • allset1987
    But well, is is bed Springs, turn very loud
  • mydearann
    Nice folk hotel, services in place.
  • gg2011
    The next morning the waiter removed sheets, at two o'clock in the afternoon to check out, give the feeling of a hurry check out.
  • e00167957
    Hotel unique, is the breakfast variety
  • apm4778
    Hotel is an old house renovation of Ming and Qing, and delicate flavor, is in the old city, is very good, the only downside is the bar next door is too noisy, sounds coming at night, but there is still a sense of shock. it is recommended that you select baking experience.
  • e00688611
    A very good environment, hotel management is very good, only guests of the hotel can enter, it is very quiet, the biggest problem is that the room is too small, but there is nothing here requires more ... nice
  • mc1007
    Hotel has must of culture heritage, to ticket for theme, room very with features. hotel management and service are is formal, room clean, live comfortable. location is located in City West Street, location very superior and convenient, belongs to city of downtown lots. dining convenient. holiday I take in hotel car rental of way, is convenient, master is has patience, friendly and good. in Pingyao play of several day, very happy, convenient and smooth, due Yu Hotel good and powerful of service... Highly recommended.
  • angel0029
    Repeat customers twice a year with his family, to Pingyao, mostly for the sake of staying here, enough to explain the appeal of this hotel!
  • ct3663
    Value for money not generally warm bed hard sound poor okay who's going to be hot but it is also the best hotel here was not good
  • starrying
    Rich ethnic characteristics, rare guy, excellent value breakfast, very nice hotel.
  • cualan
    To play sand TOU back. Middle rest. daughter wants to this of big bed, so across has four days Hou and to has. this to upgrade to has suite. tall Shang! main is Yun Jincheng do has modern and ancient of very good of combined. retained has ancient of furniture reflected has charm, provides has modern of appliances convenient service. night came in seemed capital 81st,. very has feel!
  • jianling1006
    As if crossing to Ming and Qing dynasties
  • gf333
    Best hotel Pingyao and most characteristic of the Kang is the only shop
  • ruby Sisi
    Arrival to shop, express a quiet, shops for a free upgrade to live on the north side of big bed room on the second floor, awesome! free battery specialist to Simon car park waiting to pick us up, and also great! anyway, room cleanliness and service are amazing! is indeed the brand shops!
  • e01405374
    Is already the second time stay, very good, good location good service even better!
  • baiduno2
    Good hotel, high season prices are not cheap, but it's all good
  • lolitasun
    Good location of the hotel is also convenient bed very comfortable
  • cao_liang
    Service is in place the food is affordable and delicious is the room is a bit small
  • e00736946
    Our way of life does not does not indeed have no life so I am not human life
  • jj0872
    Shanxi courtyard houses, health class, city centre location, the environment is very special, especially the service awesome, check out the same day, the Manager personally sent to bus interchanges, City Shuttle is luxury classic cars, surprise. thing is next to a bar at night until nearly 11 points, if quiet, more perfect.
  • greenappletiger
    Boss warm, thoughtful service
  • bernie_416
    As ever been
  • guobinlin
    Online prior bullish of hotel, because with children ahead of and hotel communication scheduled has hotel front desk opposite relative quiet of courtyard. hotel service worthy of for 5 star standard, night hand is responsible for bed, sent Shang jujube, very warm heart. eat finished breakfast, in didn't check out of situation Xia continues to was Pack bed and room. hotel provides car Shuttle, indicate master sightseeing car, son special like. breakfast and dinner compared big, special indicate if is Hotel live guest 581 bit buffet,Cost-effective high. last wish business is booming.
  • annabellesyc
    Good service, nice, next time will be selected.
  • www0889
    Service is good
  • fandelun
    Come Brocade into is you of loss, hotel have front desk and enthusiasm received we of small brother, child make belly help we Roast garlic, kitchen of small brother, thanks you, out out has they of care, everyone will live of is comfortable, only of bad is, night often has stay of guest noisy, itself also no correctional, regardless of regardless of Dang they home as, will to you wake, I neurasthenia, is pain, I husband since driving tour open has 600 km, rest of is bad, soGood hotel good! people are in a dilemma, we are driving, rest well is dangerous, was going to recommend it to the company as the welfare rewards employees, one to the noisy during the night, you know what, forget it, how bad my rest!
  • feverlau
    Big beds, sleeping three, good
  • Sunnylm
    Good good, Kang is very cool, shuttle is convenient
  • Amylin0327
    Antique place
  • luwylu
    Pingyao Hotels best folk, but I lived without a Heatable Adobe sleeping platform bedroom, bathroom is kind of short, more attention of height location right in the historical centre, next time I go to stay there, very romantic.
  • g814301
    Hotel service is excellent, the location is in the center of the pedestrian streets of the old city of Pingyao, also very convenient to attractions, but there's a bar next to, 11 o'clock at night very noisy, although living far and still have a sense of shock from the subwoofer.
  • lawlaifoon
    Home away from home feeling, very quiet at night, slept well.
  • Alan1233
    In late autumn, but the room was warm, we were shopping for a while, stay a little longer in the hotel, very comfortable!
  • IvanDu
    Service overall was good, breakfast service is almost, for 2 room types, I prefer the Heatable Adobe sleeping platform, because the more layers up and down stairs a bit off, not too easy, providing laundry service so convenient for travel to us, Liang Sai, is not convenient
  • advaldo
    Very nice hotel, in the historical centre, tourist car shuttle. service, breakfast, holiday
  • Judy.Yue
    Hotel services are good, all battery car shuttle back and forth, and complimentary room upgrade. location in the old city, antique old courtyard, very tasty! Kang was great, very comfortable! hotel breakfast is also very good!
  • cai114947533
  • alenyoung
    Antique, historic. hotel services is also very good, with three children of paper, take the initiative to change da Kang. will choose next time!
  • lvwei1261
    Very good, high quality of sleep say, later to be staying
  • ppw110
    Great House, quiet! room very quaint, suitable for old people and children.
  • gs9999
    Nice hotel, antique, ancient feeling, Brocade copper chafing dish tastes good. the deficiencies of the room is small, breakfast needs to be improved. highly recommended!
  • lasty
    Environment can be nice ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • E01800655
    Highly recommend a folk pub, highly recommend of a friend booked this location is hard to find, on West Street is near the rishengchang, great Inn details see takes a lot of thought, beds are sleeping three people no problem, quality good, tired the rest can relax, all in all very good! will recommend to friends.
  • Laodong
    Hotel arrangements has car to high-speed rail station station, front desk and rooms service personnel are very enthusiasm and thoughtful, into room Hou also sent to has dates. handle staying Shi, free upgrade into luxury suite, Super praise. room very beautiful, clean, big Kang super wide, is comfortable. second days of breakfast varieties is rich, key is taste is good. was is reservation has two late, due to trip change, need back a late, hotel put has prepaid of paragraph full returned. very praise of a hotel.
  • cjnrr
    Hotel location is very good. okay, but the upper floors there is a hole, fix. feeling down.