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Yunjincheng Mansion Pingyao is located in the ancient city of Pingyao, a world cultural heritage. It is located at the core of the intersection of North Street, West Street, and East Street, namely 'Wall Street in China'; 20 meters to the east is China's earliest bank-'Sunrise Chang 'ticket number.

Gong Mansion was transformed from the best-preserved and complete old Qiao family house in the ancient city. The 300-year-old historical house and endless cultural heritage continue to write the endless soul of Jin merchants. Mr. Yu Qiuyu happily wrote 'Yun Jincheng' for the old pen.

Here is the theme hotel of Jinshang Courtyard, and it is also the first choice of celebrities at home and abroad. The design of the mansion is unique, the courtyard is elegant and quiet, with full wireless WIFI coverage.

The Yunjincheng Hotel under the mansion also innovates hundreds of private dishes of dozens of magnificent families in Jinshang, with unique characteristics; two luxurious and elegant halls in the south and north have tea bars, coffee bars and study rooms, allowing you to stay in the ancient city Enjoy slow time.

Here, you can be a homeowner, experience time and space change, and enjoy a cultural journey.
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  • anjee
    Warm service, fair prices, only without the legend free parking. front room can quiet a bit.
  • ericsxiang
    Very beautiful, worth living. food is also good, pushing Zhi!
  • aderson
    Very good opportunity will stay!
  • maxoxygen
    Very good! and will come again!
  • FIAMM2006
    Heard friends say that was good, very unique, but the price is a little expensive
  • jdpeng
    That's good
  • mc1007
    Hotel has must of culture heritage, to ticket for theme, room very with features. hotel management and service are is formal, room clean, live comfortable. location is located in City West Street, location very superior and convenient, belongs to city of downtown lots. dining convenient. holiday I take in hotel car rental of way, is convenient, master is has patience, friendly and good. in Pingyao play of several day, very happy, convenient and smooth, due Yu Hotel good and powerful of service... Highly recommended.
  • cade1114sdo
    Well, a smaller font size
    Good than it seems!
  • lxm538688
    Very good hotels in Pingyao, a few yard well isolated from the noise of the outside world, a little taste of yards deep. some depressed is the bedroom second floor attic
  • c2046y
    That's good
    All right
  • Lily19670321
    Very special
  • Davide.l
    Overall feel good, is worth the price. is there a bar, late still roared, disturbing. in addition, the hotel, food was delicious, it is not expensive.
  • Datoupangyu
    Very good hotel, big yard in Shanxi, the environment elegant.
  • starrying
    Rich ethnic characteristics, rare guy, excellent value breakfast, very nice hotel.
  • tony20344
    Breakfast not bad commendable, superior rooms are building, you can also, however, the actual ratio of 22 square meters of descriptions and look much smaller than the picture. at 10 o'clock in the evening the bar was closed throughout the old town, home to 12 o'clock at night across the bar fight, wants to go to bed early to think twice. However, the service is horrible! slightly fat girl at the front desk attendant answers, has been to play the fool, they can free parking should be regarded as an advantage, but we only live oneLate, has been cheat we put car stopped to city outside of parking, upset has we originally of trip, victims have we risked heat to car in take luggage, white loss has for more than a hours of tour time, was refers to out Hou also full sophistry, refused to admitted errors, back wrongly, also said 'I also not know you understand so more Ah!', lie are into habits has!
  • jessicajia2002
    Okay, where to rent a car battery, hotel does not have a battery car shuttle. style was very satisfactory. noisy at night next to the bar, but the yard was quiet, quiet scary. Besides clean the basic health services have not, the waiter is not warm, or inns boss and employees warm warmth.
  • AngelaYou
    Location is West Street, room was nice, breakfast was good, next time will stay
  • babymummy
    Hotel location on the pedestrian street, Simon, very local facilities, especially for large Kang, luxurious room are recommended and Kang different. the internal environment is very good, breakfast could be improved
  • e01548334
    Prior to arrival didn't think it would be so good, we booked two rooms, like a unit in two apartments, there's a Hall corresponds to the living room, feeling good, the only drawback is that the lighting is a bit dark.
  • freetem
    Hotel prices are not cheap, very good facilities, clean and tidy, antique courtyard is full of stories of service back in bed at night has been paved, 3 meters of the comfortable bed, the hotel's restaurant is also good, breakfast free, three people for dinner, 130 Yuan (no beef, beef 481), the hotel has a train station pick up service.
  • armlong
    A very special hotel, it is worth
  • daisymei1213
    Buy rely on folk characteristics, it was mustered Hotel bathrobes, free, towels made hard for we lived all over the world the hotel people, is this correct heart feeling, why not do it?
  • sailing77
    In October last year when Pingyao decided to stay here, very good, so continue to live here, and are still very good. live this year, also met several a p e c gweilo, their Pingyao and the hotel was full of praise.
  • noriver
    Deluxe room is a small room to live, more cramped. light reading is not supported. poor bathroom shower drain, overflow prior to the wash basin. Courtyard environment. food delicious, the price is high.
  • ruby Sisi
    Arrival to shop, express a quiet, shops for a free upgrade to live on the north side of big bed room on the second floor, awesome! free battery specialist to Simon car park waiting to pick us up, and also great! anyway, room cleanliness and service are amazing! is indeed the brand shops!
  • carren
    Which is very nice
  • beibeinini
    Better than expected, the Inn can make such good
  • GNFPann
    Front desk staff was very good, especially for a waiter named Li Jiao praised, helping others.
  • liangdong
    Hotels in Jin House care home is based on the formation of decoration, plus outside of the lobby and restaurant have three. room layout with Kang, and down the stairs, there are strong features of Shanxi. restaurant dishes are exquisite, taste good.
  • solararon
    Good location, very unique. recommend-
  • advaldo
    Very nice hotel, in the historical centre, tourist car shuttle. service, breakfast, holiday
  • messy_ding
    Antique of compound, can see some houses of style, many foreigners live, are is attracted to live of's. breakfast of device appliances are is has national taste. live here, night shopping city is convenient, just bad parking, have to a slightly far of parking, some inconvenience, but, hotel service in place, not know hotel of passenger, hotel sent service was born city add-ins, out city also lead
  • eppwywy
    All right
  • adapapa
    Hotel in the old town there are many branches, some comments are not good enough, estimates is caused by inconsistent levels of service between stores.
  • ljviolin
    There are mosquitoes, bite me
  • bernie_416
    As ever been
  • amy2010000
    Hotels are quite special, roughly Kang as home as a child, and can play a lot of roll. night is beautiful
  • jreese6598387
    Parking not convenient to their own pay came in tubes, whether sent! does not deserve five stars, too many bad
  • eric2068
    The rooms, clean, quiet, comfortable, very good!
  • lawyerbenny
    Which is very nice
  • e00688611
    A very good environment, hotel management is very good, only guests of the hotel can enter, it is very quiet, the biggest problem is that the room is too small, but there is nothing here requires more ... nice
  • guo11541
    National feature!
  • bob0216
    Sleep on the bed for the first time, and quite interesting. what environmental services are very good, breakfast was a bit simple, only bread to entry ... ...
  • wayneguo
    Very nice, very Chinese characteristics, foreign friends like ... but things are not so good, especially something that foreigners do not too well received. in General, well, happy.
  • xsoso1766
    Chinese style, overall, breakfast
  • xian1115
    Playing in the ancient city of Pingyao hostel, claiming to be the ancient city of Pingyao in the first opening to the courtyard Inn. Under the car to the West Car Park Inn will send battery back then really cold! wind everywhere!, however was not too far away, four or five minutes to the pedestrian street, walk a few steps to the hotel. Live in superior room, room size is a bit small, and the folk of the hotel's common; Kang too hard! but cold weather heated Kang is very comfortable. Bathroom spaceRoom is not small, but the door open after turning up at the moment. Staff are particularly good, met in the yard will be as good to greet room remote control doesn't work actively to solve the problem! will send after staying several wrapped dates! sweet-breakfast was too general, and not so good! few species only, such as fried eggs!
  • guodan
    Good location, courtyard room is very good, breakfast was late on the left
  • a72520
    Very good hotel, location on the high street but very quiet, very beautiful yard! service is also very good