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The Pingyao Yunjincheng Hotel (Pingyao Yunjincheng Minsu Binguan) is located on West Avenue, adjacent to Ri Sheng Chang Draft Bank, Ancient City Wall and Mingqing Street attractions.

Rooms of this Pingyao hotel are equipped with 24-hour hot water, air conditioners, TVs, phones and broadband Internet access. Dining outlets include a Chinese restaurant and Western restaurant. The lobby bar features local cuisine.[View Detail]
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  • ldf184304
    So so
  • bernie_416
    As ever been
  • roundface
    Inn is absolutely superb, ordering the food very good, much better than those old what price, breakfast was good, good hygiene, may be used to cause sleep bed a bit hard, does not affect the Inn's praise, the next time you come back!
  • goldbeans
    Hotels in Nice
  • benbenbaibai
    City flavor is strong
  • lijunyang811
    Mother staying at the Spring Festival, they slept for the first time that Kang, very excited
  • e03083275
    Hotel location is very good, convenient to the attractions in the city; very characteristic in Shanxi province ..., love
  • boss1630
    Nice, the environment is also good
  • aiyou
    Was pleased with the hotel, in a quiet, the room service., sound is not very good, cough upstairs listening to the very clear
  • gg2011
    The next morning the waiter removed sheets, at two o'clock in the afternoon to check out, give the feeling of a hurry check out.
  • Sunnylm
    Good good, Kang is very cool, shuttle is convenient
  • nana198
    This hotel really worth this price, night frozen have die, thought bed Xia will fever, due to is antique of decoration, is big area is to glass, cannot insulation, also cannot noise, night heard visitors on laughter, also heard intercourse sound, very pain! room also didn't facilities can statements, worst of is shower room, turned are didn't place (I is thin type), wash head Shi try had two times not carefully met hot and cold switch, hot died has. front desk is smile are no, 500 several, service, facilities alsoFar, the biggest advantage is that antique decoration, but the whole city are antique decoration, no advantage at all.
  • eric5007
    Good location, good service, room facilities are good, breakfast time up to 9, 8:30 not to eat, people will call tips?, next time I go to Pingyao will choose to move
  • starrying
    Rich ethnic characteristics, rare guy, excellent value breakfast, very nice hotel.
  • e01405374
    Is already the second time stay, very good, good location good service even better!
    Nice room good.
  • ct3663
    Value for money not generally warm bed hard sound poor okay who's going to be hot but it is also the best hotel here was not good
  • Alan1233
    In late autumn, but the room was warm, we were shopping for a while, stay a little longer in the hotel, very comfortable!
  • annabellesyc
    Good service, nice, next time will be selected.
  • liwers
    Particularly nice! very good, quiet
  • lllsssyyy
    Very good location, hotel services especially praised. breakfast in General, but in the ancient city and the price is OK.
  • jimmy50405
    Well worth a stay cost-effective
  • lxxxxxx
    Hotel hardware very well, big bed, very comfortable. breakfast is also very good, staff very good, very enthusiastic. hotel has free car battery transfer area. but to go to a show, car batteries are not included, single 30 yuan from 60 Yuan, this feels a bit expensive.
  • lomalulu
    Is the best hotel in Pingyao, North West house style, doorman Republic for dress up, astronomically.
  • gunet
    Hotel in good location, is divided into two parts, as a folk homes for good, as a five-star handicap. Wi-Fi password sequence is wrong, no slippers at the door, there are switch position so low why. don't look blind
  • srylin
    Very good, comfortable and convenient
  • advaldo
    Very nice hotel, in the historical centre, tourist car shuttle. service, breakfast, holiday
  • cxy1125
    Would have stayed another hotel in Pingyao, and thought that is not very satisfactory, power supply problems occur at then, last night for this to ... feel much better and the food was good.
  • xywujw
    Are distinctive Inn, quiet
  • raylong83
    Good, very good, one's intentions and efforts of both managers and the staff of the hotel, very worthy of our experience
  • leslieyan
    Generally satisfactory, the advantages are as follows; 1, room hot enough; 2, go out visiting the city is convenient, attractions all around; 3, hotel renovated facilities locally regarded as top; 4, No. 2015, waiter and genuine. Talk about shortcomings; hotel rooms into no; individual room size is not standard. All in all the two-night accommodation in called success and satisfaction.
  • liuj773
    Really nice folk hotel, comfortable beauty combines traditional architecture with modern equipment. the hotel itself is a beautiful old House, photo can be done everywhere. good location, service is attentive, strong praise.
  • dream001
    Stayed in so many hotels serving the best one, every one of the waiters were very professional, greets, smiling, especially the housekeeping 2018 aunt, old man foaming basin, hot, send sheets, send a variety of pillows, too warm, too sweet, the only small downside is that the room was too dark lol overall satisfied.
  • BigXuXu
    Very nice hotel in an old style building inside the walled city. A bit difficult to find when you come after dark but thats part of the experience! Nice staff and overall an enjoyable stay.
  • love the small-lun
    Nice hotel, location is central
  • prettyw
    Facilities at the hotel are very good, service was poor, children break a small cup for compensation of 100 Yuan, a glass as a Crystal, I give! theory with them didn't pay to have management problems!
  • e01853940
  • allen0577
    That's good
  • Pergast
    Good location, breakfast, and cost-effective.
  • dreamsoflily
    Very unique environment in the town can be considered a good
    Nice pub, is a layer of moist.
  • duoyoyo
    Many times the ancient city of Pingyao. the relatively high price of Brocade was the ancient city of ... but the service was pretty good. environment. conditions are very good. breakfast is also very good. ~ the happy children playing in the yard.
  • lemonbardon
    Very good
  • cade1114sdo
    Well, a smaller font size
  • e00167957
    Hotel unique, is the breakfast variety
  • a72520
    Very good hotel, location on the high street but very quiet, very beautiful yard! service is also very good
  • gu1_1981
    The hotel is a century-old Inn, flavor rich Shanxi merchants, the first time the Tai Kang, HA HA! is still quite warm, the only downside is there is soot smell, probably does not have this problem over the heating season. experience the characteristics of recommended occupancy.
  • gf333
    Best hotel Pingyao and most characteristic of the Kang is the only shop
  • aliliu
    Hotel antique, feels good! hotel feels very comfortable yard is beautiful, the day gives people a sense of calm, location is very good, free attractions are very close. But only bad is on the edge of a bar, bar evenings is noisy, noisy ··· noisy at night to 11 points, are feeling a bit shaken but they quiet to sleep ···
  • e00947452
    Good location, quiet, is that vehicles cannot reach.